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Who Is Simon Tupman?

Simon Tupman is a business speaker and mentor to professionals and professional service firms. He helps them make the most of their talents and those of the people they lead by changing mindsets to create breakthrough firms.

Simon speaks at industry events, presents high-impact workshops, facilitates breakthrough retreats, and mentors professionals who are looking to energise their workplaces and put their firms and themselves ahead of the curve. One of Australasia’s most experienced speakers, he has been called on by clients in 13 countries over a 25-year career. He has helped thousands of professionals leave their mark on the world.

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18/19 October 2019 | Waiheke Island Resort

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Does your conference need a speaker with the wealth of knowledge and experience to help your audience to understand how to make their workplace really tick? 

Simon has more than 20 years’ experience presenting to audiences at conferences in more than a dozen countries on 5 continents.

Every presentation is researched and customised so as to complement your theme and engage your audience.


Executive Briefings

Do your senior executives need to take a step back from their everyday roles and keep up to date with what’s happening outside of your business?

Simon has many years of experience of presenting relevant in-house briefings, often over lunch, to team leaders and management.

Briefings last up to an hour and provide a good opportunity for your senior team to learn fresh perspectives on the business world.



Do you need some of your people to raise their game, expand their thinking and become more effective in their roles?

Every year, Simon presents customized workshops designed to optimize performance, improve teamwork and raise self-confidence. Workshops generally run from 3 – 6 hours.

Workshops focus on leadership, change, business growth, communication and interpersonal skills.



Does the leadership of your organization need to stand back and take stock of where the business is at and where it is heading?  If so, a retreat may be just the tonic. 

Simon regularly facilitates retreats for organisations planning a better future, seeking clarity or having to confront some difficult issues.  In preparing for a retreat, Simon gains an understanding of your challenges and your culture before tailoring an agenda with clear achievable outcomes.

Retreats are generally held off-site and often over the duration of a weekend to avoid distractions. While each agenda is unique, retreats generally offer a blend of education, discussion and social interaction.

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Presentation Topics


Topic 1

The ‘C’-Suite: 

5 Things Highly-Effective Executives Do Better

The consequences of leadership decisions are amplified when things are changing fast and with dramatic intensity. To be effective when the stakes are high, leaders have to be able to command enormous trust from customers, employees and communities. 

This keynote presentation covers the five things you need to earn that level of trust.

Topic 2

But I’m not a robot!

Exploring the future of work

Governments, business leaders, policy makers, HR managers and employees are all concerned about the impact of technology and artificial intelligence: what might it mean for the future of work, for the future of their workplaces and for the future of the individual worker?  Is this a time for optimism or concern? How can business leaders overcome automation anxiety and resolve the ‘human versus technology’ tension?

This keynote will address these issues and explain why every business leader should be optimistic about the future.

Topic 3

Instability Is The New Stability:

Thriving Through Disruption And Upheaval

Nothing about change is going to change: technological advancements, shifting generational expectations, globalisation, innovation and disruption are here to stay. But your organisation is going to survive and thrive because you embrace these trends and know how to roll with the changes and harness the disruption.

This keynote creates context, explores where your organisation is in its lifecycle and will give you five key initiatives to stay ahead.

Topic 4

Distinct or Extinct:

Surviving In Today’s Business Jungle

Your customers are mobile, informed and disloyal. Your competitors are agile and everywhere. To win, you need to stand out for delivering more value to your customers, employees and communities. You need to be filtering new ideas, insights and opportunities then taking action quickly.

This keynote will show you how to stand out.

“I warmly recommended Simon as a speaker;  he did a better than great job – just the right tone and content for the occasion.
The clients were delighted.”.

– Richard Susskind OBE, Author, ‘The Future of the Professions

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