7 tips for a successful retreat

A firm retreat is a good opportunity for your team to refocus and recharge. A successful retreat can provide breakthroughs you may not even have anticipated!

Here are my 7 tips for running a successful retreat:

1. Be clear and realistic about what you want to achieve in the time available;

2. Consult with those who will be involved beforehand;

3. Do your research up front, e.g., a team engagement survey;

4. Pick a comfortable venue away from the office; stay a night;

5. Have an external speaker, either live or via video conference;

6. Appoint an experienced facilitator to lead discussion;

7. Follow up and implement post-retreat.

Simon has many years experience of speaking at, and facilitating, retreats for firms while bringing focus and fresh ideas to the process. If you are planning a retreat this year, get in touch! Perhaps he can help you?

"After completing his due diligence on our firm to gain an understanding of our culture, value and client base, Simon prepared a bespoke agenda that was superbly tailored, resulting in the output exceeding our expectations. Simon’s role was pivotal and his generous contributions were much valued by all." 
- Practice Manager, Rice Speir

Simon Tupman