This guy is different; he makes you enjoy listening to him.
— Regional Managing Partner, Weightmans, Liverpool, UK



Does your conference need a speaker with the wealth of knowledge and experience to help your audience to understand how to make their workplace really tick? 

Simon has over 20 years’ experience presenting to audiences at conference in more than a dozen countries on 5 continents.

Every presentation is researched and customised so as to complement your theme and engage your audience.



Do your senior executives need to take a step back from their everyday roles and keep up to date with what’s happening outside of your business?

Simon has many years of experience of presenting relevant in-house briefings, often over lunch, to team leaders and management.

Briefings last up to an hour and provide a good opportunity for your senior team to learn fresh perspectives on the business world.



Do you need some of your people to raise their game, expand their thinking and become more effective in their roles?

Every year, Simon presents customized workshops designed to optimize performance, improve teamwork and raise self-confidence. Workshops generally run from 3 – 6 hours.

Workshops focus on leadership, change, business growth, communication and interpersonal skills.



Does the leadership of your organization need to stand back and take stock of where the business is at and where it is heading?  If so, a retreat may be just the tonic. 

Simon regularly facilitates retreats for organisations planning a better future, seeking clarity or having to confront some difficult issues.  In preparing for a retreat, Simon gains an understanding of your challenges and your culture before tailoring an agenda with clear achievable outcomes.

Retreats are generally held off-site and often over the duration of a weekend to avoid distractions. While each agenda is unique, retreats generally offer a blend of education, discussion and social interaction.