Simon Tupman (MBA, Solicitor, Eng and Wales) is a business speaker, educator and mentor to professionals and professional service firms. He helps them make the most of their talents and those of the people they lead by changing mindsets to create breakthrough firms.

Simon speaks at industry events, facilitates high-impact workshops and retreats, and mentors professionals who are looking to energise their workplaces and put their firms ahead of the curve. One of Australasia’s most experienced speakers, he has been called on by clients in 13 countries over a 25-year career. He has helped thousands of professionals leave their mark on the world.

Simon is the author of Why Entrepreneurs Should Eat BananasLegal Eagles and Why Lawyers Should Eat Bananas. He has been translated into Russian, Spanish and Portuguese. 

Each year, he raises funds for numerous charities and community causes.

He lives with his partner Sue in New Zealand along with Ginge (the cat) and Lucy (the dog). He loves to bake bread (and teach others) in his spare time.


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Simon's Books

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Legal Eagles

'Legal Eagles' profiles sixteen visionary lawyers from around the globe who are changing people’s lives and making a difference in the world. Interviewed by Simon Tupman, they offer candid insights into their careers and share the secrets of their success. Their stories dispel many myths about the legal profession and prove that lawyers can, and do, make the world a better place.


Why Entrepreneurs Should Eat Bananas

Just as bananas provide an excellent source of carbohydrate fuel, this guide boasts timeless, inspirational, energy-boosting tips and advice for today's entrepreneur. Striking a balance between creating a successful business and seeking a satisfactory life, this book tackles common issues such as how to work smarter, not harder; connect with existing customers and attract new ones; bring out the best in your people and free up time; promote a company in the market; and keep happy and healthy. Whether running a small direct mail company from a garage or starting up a software company in Silicon Valley, this much-needed guide empathizes with entrepreneurs of all kinds.


Why Lawyers Should Eat Bananas

Inspirational ideas for lawyers wanting more out of life.

Are you:
* working long and exhausting hours?
* busting a gut over unprofitable clients?
* reluctant to delegate?
* lacking in self confidence to promote your practice?
* wishing there were 30 hours in a day?
* suffering unhealthy stress levels?
* not devoting enough time to your family and friends?

In this ground breaking book, Simon Tupman offers 101 practical ideas to help you to become a superstar lawyer with a life. In this book, you will discover:
* how to stay on top of the legal profession of the 21st century
* how to work smarter, not harder
* how to attract new business
* how to bring out the best in your team and free up your time
* how to promote yourself professionally
* ways to keep happy and healthy


Insights from 9 lawyers and ex-lawyers from around the globe